Welcome Beth Mason Jones

beth mason jonesIt’s with great pleasure we welcome Victory 2019 goal keeper Beth Mason Jones to Alamein FC for 2021. Beth is player who has achieved a considerable amount in her football career and has chosen to re-ignite her passion for football between the sticks after 15 months away from the game.

Previous to signing with Alamein FC Beth spent 3 seasons in VPL Summer league, 4 yrs at State futsal , 7 seasons in the NPLW representing both Box Hill United and SMFC and also being involved in the NTC challenge.
Beth represented MV in the @victorywleague W-League before taking 15 months off for personal commitments.
She is a truly a seasoned professional that will strengthen Head coach’s Kat Smith back third.

Welcome @bmjonesy and we look forward to seeing you put on the orange jersey this time round with the Alamein logo.